Outdoor fashion / Catalogue Photography in Chandigarh

Fashion photography is mostly related to fashion or the lifestyle of daily life or high-class society. It is a showcase of diverse fashion items or related things like clothes, jewels, shoes, sandals etc. Fashion photography is most frequently conducted for magazines or advertisements but there are other reasons too. This sort of photography is part of the stunning world so the best fashion photographers obtain high pay-checks and lots of renown. Usually, a model is required for this photography and model’s career extremely depends on the level of fashion photographer she works with. There are 5 Types of Fashion Photography. Nothing comes without its types or deviation, so this fashion photography comes too with it. This sort of photography is divided into many types:


  1. Model Portfolio

This is very first type of Outdoor fashion Catalogue Photography in Chandigarh which is necessary in almost all other types. In this model’s portfolio is prepared by the fashion photographer both in the studio and outdoor locations. This may well be the personal prerequisite of the models to improve their career or some production/advertisement house to endorse their models.


  1. Editorial Fashion Photography

This type of photography is mostly for fashion magazines. In this styling is the forefront. In most of the cases a story is there behind the shoot and models are supposed to ratify the role given to them. This might cover a meticulous time of the day or covering tiny portions of whole day activity. These shoots show a theme and are there to sell a story.


  1. High Fashion / Brand Promotion Photography

This type of Outdoor fashion Catalogue Photography in Chandigarh is mostly done for big fashion brands. These brands endorse their products on high level using this type of photography. They hire or create contracts with supermodels, actors/actresses, famous personalities like sports person to endorse their brands. They work with top Fashion photographers to click their brands as they do not want to take any type of risk.


  1. Catalog/ Product Photography

Companies which desire to market their products to clients make use of this type of photography. This is an elegant type of photography. Its foremost focus is on the product not on the model. These are normally done in studios with white/gray background to have more focus on product. Previously these images were printed and catalogs were made and shown to customers. But with online selling in demand, this photography is completed to endorse products online also. Companies either have their own e-commerce sites to vend products or they tie-up with big e-commerce (like Amazon) websites to vend their products. In this type of cinematography, dissimilar angles of the product are taken to make it more pertinent to customers seeing online.


  1. Beauty/Makeup Photography

Makeup is done in almost each type of photography but there are certain shoots which are done to focus only on the beauty or the makeup done. Famous Makeup Artist organizes these shoots with fashion photographers to showcase the type of makeup and styling they do.



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